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Constitutional Facial Acupuncture


                Facial  Acupuncture consists of 12 treatments.  The first treatment is 2 hours long as I must do a health history on every patient.  The next 11 treatments are 1.5 hours in length.  I like to do the treatments twice a week for the first 4 treatments (including the first treatment) and then once a week for the remaining 8 treatments.  The reason for so many treatments is that the collagen and elastin can take a month or more to remain activated and that is what is needed to help reduce/remove the wrinkles and tone up the skin.


Effects of Facial Acupuncture?


Facial acupuncture treatment can actually take years off the face.


Some of the most common effects of facial acupuncture are:

* reduction of fine lines


* diminished deep wrinkles


* droopy eyelids are lifted


* jowls are firmed


* bags under the eyes are reduced


* puffiness around the eyes is reduce or eliminated


* improved blood circulation and energy to the face


* needling activates the production of collagen and elastin which help to fill in the wrinkles and

improve the skin's elasticity

* improved muscle tone


* firming up of the skin


* reduction in size of large pores


* brightens the area around the eyes


* improves hormonal balance to help acne and reduces visibility of small, old acne scars over time.


* reduces evidence of stress from the face



























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